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Gucio shoes are handmade leather shoes made in Poland. Swipe through the photos and see the advantages of the shoes. 
NOTICE: There is a plastic clip on every shoelace, which is an alternative to doing up the laces. If you decide to use those clips, please tie a knot on a lace (this will prevent a possible taking it off from the lace and swallowing by a child).
How to measure a child's foot:

Follow the simple steps below to measure your child's feet:

 1) Place a piece of paper on the floor next to a wall or in a box.

 2) Place your child's right foot on the piece of paper with her/his heel against the wall or a side of the box. ( Then make the same with your child's left foot. )

 3) Mark the length of your child's foot at the tip of the longest toe.( Then make the same with your child's left foot. )

 4)Then, take a ruler and measure this distance.

 5) Now, compare the length of your child's feet in cm with the table below:          ( FREE SPACE FOR TOES IS INCLUDED )

 The size   The length of feet in cm.

22           13,2 cm

23           14cm

24           14,5 cm

25           15 cm

26           15,5 cm

27           16 cm

28           16,5 cm

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